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Your Table is Ready!

Your Table is Ready is a solution to a common problem.  Making a reservation at your favorite restaurant and not have to wait around for your name to be called or keep asking where you are on the list.

The hostess uses a Mobile device (Tablet PC and/or Pocket PC) to record your reservation.  You are given the option to provide your cell phone, or location where you will be waiting. 

The application utilizes a Pen/Tablet to keeps track of what tables are open, estimated wait times, and server stat's and the estimated time when your table will be ready.  The hostess, can click on a name, table, or server and quickly perform actions such as paging, seating, marking as ready, cancelling etc...

The system drives one or more active displays (much like an airport monitor or Stock Ticker) on the TV in the bar, hostess stand which displays a list of current reservations and people being paged.  You can actively see where you are on the list or when you are being paged.  This site also maintains information about today's specials or local advertisements.

At the touch of a button, the hostess can send you a text message or call you when "Your Table is Ready!"

Another component that ties in with the system is "Put me On the List" which is a web component where Customers can login and make an online reservation at your favorite restaurant.