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We are actively developing a product code named SoundBytes.  It is expected to be released in August of 2008.  It is intended to be used by active professionals who need to keep track of their time for time and billing.

SoundBytes is a Smart Client application that runs on any Windows Mobile device.  When running, at the touch of a button, you can record a Voice Note along with custom information (e.g. Datetime/Client/Project/Activity...).  The data is cached locally and uploaded / sync'd to your desktop or our server when cradled or when an internet connection is detected.

 The program can be configured to prompt you for input on a timer and also track elapsed time on each activity.

SoundBytes comes with a desktop companion product to convert your Voice Notes into billing records in Quickbooks or action items in Outlook.

We are looking into features such as capturing Photo's and Video and transcribing Voice Notes into text in a future release.

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