Sensible Solutions, Inc.



Past and Present Projects

Heat Treating Services, Pontiac MI  (1993 - Present)   Develop and Maintain Complete System for operation of business.  Application supports three plants and runs 24/7.  Scope of System includes Inventory Management, Quality Control, Shipping and Receiving, Billing and Accounts Receivable.

MiRealsource - Troy, MI (1995 - Present).  Developed billing application to interface with existing Oracle system and accounting system.  System generates statements for over 400 offices / 10,000 agents. 

Reising Ethington - Troy, MI.  (2000 to present).  Developed attorney compensation system to tie into existing TABS database and generate monthly / ytd reports for amounts due based on attorney status.

Auto Metal Craft - Oak Park, MI (1993 - Present)  Developed Business application to handle Job Costing, Shop Floor Instructions / Routing, Shipping, and Billing. 

Schwartz Machine Company - Warren, MI  1995 to present.  Developed Job Costing / Shipping / Billing system to run business and track profit / loss.  System interfaces with 21st century accounting to automatically post invoices to accounts receivable.

Arrow Molded Plastics / LDM Industries.  Developed system for developing / tracking estimates for a major plastics company.  Estimates were quickly retrieved / copied for a variety of materials, volumes, and part sizes.

M & S Services - Wyandotte, MI.  Developed Transportation Order Tracking system for generating / billing runs to drivers.

Heat Treating Services - Developed Plant Floor data collection system for collecting scale data.  Worked closely with Nuweigh systems and ZDT Networks to collect shop data via wireless access points.

Heat Treating Services - Developed Automatic Report generating system.  System runs on a timer and generates automated PDF's via email to customers on an ongoing basis.  Via a web application, clients can securily download/print historical reports.

Spectrum Composites - Troy MI.  Developed an application to print bar code labels and shippers for the shipping of diagnostic computer carts.

Acton Sell Associates

Sequoia Industries

Detroit Diesel Corporation

Correll Associates